Drop Your Size Through a Simple Cosmetic Surgery

Types of Tummy Tuck Procedure

Every obese person dreams of being fit and slim. But this is not possible without following strict diet and regular exercise. Most of the obese persons when lose large amount of weight usually end up with somewhat different appearances. Their skin sags and look very unpleasing. Tummy tuck is the cosmetic surgery procedure that removes the excessive skin while tightening the sagging and protruding abdomen. Also called as Abdominoplasty, it is basically of following three types:

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  • The Mini Tummy Tuck
  • The Standard Tummy Tuck
  • The Extended Tummy Tuck

The Mini Tummy Tuck

Also called as the “scarless tummy tuck”, it removes only a small portion of skin with the help of a small incision. It is specifically for those healthy individuals who want to get rid of mini or small amount of stubborn belly flab.

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The procedure is done with a small incision in the lower abdominal wall that reaches to the navel. Surgeon removes the minor but excessive skin and also tighten the abdominal muscles. It is a very small procedure and patient can resume daily activities in less than a week.

The Traditional or Standard Tummy Tuck

The traditional tummy tuck procedure removes a good size of loose skin especially from the midsection. It is ideal for an otherwise healthy man and woman who have recently lost a great amount of weight that has caused excessive skin flab and/or weakened abdominal muscles.

The procedure is done with a slightly larger incision that runs in a straight line between hip bones. Minor liposuction is done to remove extra fat followed by tightening of abdominal muscles. The procedure also includes repositioning of belly button due to removal of excessive fat from the area. Patients may need to stay in hospital for initial recovery but may start his regular day to day activities in around 2-4 weeks.

The Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended tummy tuck procedure removes excessive fat and extra skin from the abdomen, hips and sides of lower back. It is suitable for those patients who have large amount of loose and sagging skin on the target areas.

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A long incision is given in the abdominal area that reaches around the hips to the lower back. This tummy tuck almost always require liposuction to remove excessive fat cells followed by tightening of abdominal and hip muscles. Any unnecessary loose skin is also removed before suturing the incision. The procedure also includes repositioning of belly button to correspond with the new body shape. The patient needs brief recovery period of 1-2 days in hospital and can return to daily activities within a month of surgery.