The scar is barely visible as continues to fade

Treatment Received:

  • Plastic Surgeon Consultation
 Had a lipoma on my forearm that kept changing size. I got tired of people asking about it. Many docs dissuaded from the removal as the growth was harmless(benign) and possibility of scar was obvious. Somehow I managed to push myself to see Dr. Murugkar ( recommended by a dear friend). Since the scar would have been a big one had we performed a simple open surgery, Dr. Murugkar suggested a combination procedure to minimize the damage. Today over 6 months down, the scar is barely visible as continues to fade.

Dr. Murugkar explained the condition, surgery and possible outcome very clearly. He lay my doubts to rest about the possibility of a horrible looking scar.
He made it seem effortless all the way. What I liked was that he didn’t over promise the outcome and prepared me for a 3cm scar. He performed the surgery with absolute precision and I feel today that he over delivered as the scar is barely visible now and continues to fade.


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