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Six Pack Liposuction

Liposuction procedure can give perfect looking six pack abs by abdominal etching to all those men who work hard in the gyms but still dont get the desired results. This is mainly because of the presence of a thin layer of fatty tissue under the skin of abdomen. This layer of fat is removed by an invasive procedure that takes almost 1 to 2 hours. The final results can take 3-6 months after the procedure to show up as well defined six pack abs.

liposuction six pack before and after

Liposuction procedure

Who is the ideal candidate for Six Pack Liposuction?

Abdominal etching uses the process of liposuction first by highlighting the abdominal swelling, and then removing the excessive fat by suction to create a sculpted ab appearance. The procedure gives a more defined abdomen by removing excess of fat and reshaping the abdominal region.

The ideal candidate for six pack liposuction is the one:

  • Who is healthy and in-shape with a little excess of fat around abdomen that just dont go even after vigorous exercise and thorough diet
  • Male with up to 20% body fat and pre-existing muscle tissue
  • Males who already have muscle tone get the best results.

Why is it required?

Liposuction procedure is required for those men who want to have a sculpted body and fail to attain it even after vigorous exercise. This is because there is excess of soft tissue and fat around abdomen that refuse to go with exercise. So the only way left is by removing this excessive fat by liposuction method.


The procedure is performed by a qualified surgeon as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia with a special tumescent liposuction technique. Before starting the procedure, surgeon marks the patients flexed ab. This is followed by small incisions within abdomen near the areola or in the lines between the abdominal muscles. These incisions are used to remove, thin or rearrange the fat around abdominal rectus muscles and linea alba. Fat removal is done by normal liposuction process of sucking out the fat.

After Surgery

  • A compression garment should be worn for at least 3-6 weeks
  • There will mild swelling and bruising in the abdomen
  • Most of the men can resume normal day to day activities in 1 week
  • The incision lines generally fade away and there is very less chance of any kind of scarring
  • Finally a sculpted and well defined six pack abs develop along their natural contours that look just like the normal abs.



Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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