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Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping) Surgery in Mumbai - Clinique Beaute Naturelle
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If you want surgery to change the shape of your nose, the thing for you is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can be considered to change how the nose looks. It might even be done to improve breathing or a combination of both of them. The upper part of the nose is made of bones, while the lower portion consists of cartilage. Bone, cartilage and skin can be changed with rhinoplasty or all three of them together. You should get in touch with the doctor about the appropriateness of rhinoplasty in your case.


How do you need to prepare for rhinoplasty?

It is really necessary to meet with the surgeon before scheduling the rhinoplasty. There are certain factors that would determine the likelihood of surgery.

  • Medical history - The doctor would make a note of your medical history - prior surgeries, medications and cases of nasal obstruction. You should also not have any bleeding disorder
  • Physical exam - Laboratory tests might be conducted to get a proper physical examination before the surgery. The doctor would examine the facial features and the outside and inside of the nose.
  • Photoshoot - A certified personnel from the doctor's office would take multiple pictures of the nose from different angles. The surgeon might use some kind of computer software to manipulate the photos and show you the possible results.
  • Expectations - You should have a detailed conversation with the doctor about what you think your expectations and motivations are.

What should you avoid before the surgery?

You should be avoiding any medication that contains ibuprofen or aspirin for two weeks leading up to the surgery. Bleeding can be increased by such medications. You should take medication that is prescribed by the surgeon. You should also avoid over-the-counter supplements and herbal medicines.

You should also stop smoking if you do. It slows the healing process and you are more likely to get an infection.

What should you expect about the surgery?

Rhinoplasty is unique for every case and it is customized for the particular person. You would be given local or general anaesthesia, depending on the complexity. The surgery might be performed with an incision i.e. a small external cut. The surgeon would adjust the cartilage and bone underneath the skin. The surgeon might use several techniques to change the shape of the nasal cartilage and bones. It depends on the structure of the nose, what needs to be added and the available materials. Cartilage from deeper inside the bone might be used for the purpose.

The surgeon might use cartilage from the ribs, bones from the other parts of the body or even implants. After the changes have been made, the tissues and skin of the nose are put back into place. Then the incisions are stitched back. If the wall existing between the two sides of the nose is crooked, the surgeon might correct it so that breathing can be improved.

After the surgery, you would need to rest your head in an elevated position to reduce swelling and bleeding. The dressings would remain in place for about a week. Strenuous activities need to be avoided and you would need to take a bath instead of showers.

Even a slight change in the structure of the nose can make a large difference. Experienced surgeons can get the results both of you are looking for.


Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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