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Outer Thighs

Along with inner thighs, outer thigh is also one of the most common area of fat accumulation. Thighs can become bulky either due to genetic predisposition, after puberty or after pregnancy. In most of the cases, diet and exercise often fail to eliminate this fat deposition.

outer thigh liposuction recovery

Fatty thighs can be a cause of embarrassment for many women as they convey an image of maturity and inactive lifestyle. Moreover it also gives a disproportionate look to the body. These women opt for outer thigh liposuction to visibly correct their thighs and create a long slender look.

Combined Liposuction of the Outer Thighs and Hips

Liposculpture of thighs is very rewarding and shows vast degree of improvement in shape. The long and slender thighs look younger and healthy. But liposuction of outer thighs should not be performed alone. It should be combined with the liposuction of inferior lateral buttock and the upper posterior thigh for optimal cosmetic results. Ignoring these areas may give disproportionate and cosmetically displeasing results.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Combined Outer Thigh & Hip Liposuction?

  • The Two-Body Syndrome women whose lower half of the body is larger as compared to upper part. They are slender above the waist but heavy below the waist. This disproportionate two halves of the body force them to buy different sized top and bottom.
  • Women with outer thighs “saddle bags”. Saddle bag in women is accumulation of extra fat over the outer thigh that gives bulgy look from front and behind.
  • Women with Banana-Shaped Bulge. This bulge is formed due to accumulation of fat on the upper posterior thigh immediately below the buttock.
  • Older women with disproportionate outer thigh and buttock due to age related increased gluteal weight, and loss of tissue elasticity.


Liposuction can help all the above mentioned females by removing extra fat pockets from the target areas. The fat cells are broken and then removed through suction procedure. This is followed by open drainage and bimodal compression for early healing. The result will be a more youthful and slender shape of the lower body.

Advantages of Combined liposuction of the outer thighs and hips

  • Combined liposuction gives balanced, attractive and symmetrical shape to the lower body
  • It is a painless procedure that results in younger and more attractive appearance
  • It allows the person to wear a wider range of clothes
  • The procedure causes reduced swelling and facilitates rapid healing due to open drainage and bimodal compression.


Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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