My hair is growing back

Treatment Received:

  • Hair Loss Treatment

I was facing extreme hair fall during the start of the year when I was referred to Dr. Prashant by my aunt. Honestly I was quite paranoid to visit him initially as I was informed by almost everyone that there was nothing that could be done about my hair fall and hair thinning. But finally when I did visit Dr. Prashant I was really excited and relieved to know that there was a solution to my hair issues! The medicines are all vitamin and mineral supplements and none it has any steroid component in it. It’s been nearly 8 months now since I’m undergoing this treatment and this has had a tremendous positive effect. I can totally tell the increase in my hair growth and also the quality of my hair had improved quite a bit. I also had a few empty patches where I can see noticeable hair growth. I’m really grateful that I got introduced to Dr. Prashant. Not only do these medicines help in hair growth but also has a good effect for your skin. I’m definitely planning on continuing this treatment for as long as I can. Dr. Prashant is really friendly by nature and one quality in particular that I truly appreciate about him is that he is really patient with all his patients and does not get annoyed or irritated answering the same questions over and over again. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who’s looking to increase their hair growth along with ensuring good hair quality.

My experience at the clinic had been really great. The infrastructure and ambience is exceptionally nice. Also, the staff and management at the clinic are really helpful. Lata, Dr. Prashant’s assistant is more than willing to help out in any issues one has.

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