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Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is an extremely popular combination of procedures designed to rectify the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding on a woman’s body. It generally is a combination of extremely safe and effective cosmetic surgery procedures like, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast implants or breast lift.

Each patient gets an individualised plan that is designed for the changes in contours that her body has undergone during and after pregnancy.

mommy makeover tummy tuck breast lift

What are the components of a mommy makeover?

Pregnancy and breast feeding exact the biggest toll on a womans tummy and breasts. The developing baby not only expands the tummy skin but also weakens the muscles of the abdomen, giving rise to Rectus Divarication. The tummy skin can also end up having stubborn fat deposits and if a C Section was used to deliver the baby, then it will also have a scar of the surgery.
The second area to suffer is the breast, which enlarges around pregnancy and breastfeeding and then can deflate considerably after the breast feeding stops.

What are the different procedures involved?

The different procedures that can be combined in a Mommy Makeover:

  • Breast Augmentation - The breast augmentation might include a fat transfer or breast implants to increase the size of the breasts. Breast volume can be restored after the procedure and the rounded shape of the breasts can be achieved. The size, as well as the fullness of the breasts, can be increased. The balance of hip and breast contours can be improved.
  • Breast Lift - The breast lift removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue. Also known as mastopexy, it supports and reshapes the breast contour. The areola often enlarges with time and this can be reduced by the breast lift. The breast lift can rejuvenate the figure with a better profile, making the person look more youthful and uplifted. It can be combined with a breast implant to give uplift and volume to deflated breasts.
  • Breast Reduction - Physical and emotional stress might result from disproportionately large breasts. Physical discomfort might result as a result of the large breasts. It might be challenging for some of the patients to perform common activities. Breast reduction will remove the excess breast weight and move the breast back into a smaller but perkier position.
  • Tummy Tuck - Excess skin and fat are removed through a tummy tuck surgery. It is known as abdominoplasty. The weakened or separated muscles are restored in most of the cases creating a firmer, smoother tummy profile.
  • Body Lift or 360 degree lift - It is known also as circumferential abdominoplasty. This procedure not only removes the excess and hanging tummy skin but also pulls the buttocks up into a more curved lifted position and also improves the sagging of the front and sides of the thighs.

A mommy makeover can be performed in a single operation or over multiple sessions depending on the particular case. The surgeon will analyze your requirement and tell you the appropriate procedures you need.


Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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