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Long Distance Liposuction Consultation in Mumbai, India
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Distant Consultation



Patients who live far from us can make use of our Long Distance Consultation service instead of travelling. It is also an excellent option for patients who want a second opinion before deciding to go for the surgery.

Our staff will handle everything via correspondence (over a call, fax, or online (email & chat)) including:

  • Patients eligibility assessment
  • Finalizing the target body areas
  • Sharing possible liposuction technique(s)
  • Solving all the patient queries
  • Finalizing thesurgerys details (like date, time etc.)

The long distance consultation service saves a lot of time, energy and money of the patient and is done in following manner:

  • Information required from patient: The discussion starts when patient shares the following information with the surgeon for liposuction consultation:
  • Physical traits: Gender, age, weight, & height
  • Most concerned target areas: A detailed list of target areas that the patient is most concerned for liposuction
  • Medical history: Complete medical history that should include
  • present or past medical illness
  • previous surgery details if any
  • record of allergies (drug, plant etc.)
  • health complications
  • pregnancy plans
  • Medication record: A comprehensive list of all the medicines (prescribed or over the counter) patient is taking for any illness
  • Photographs: Recently clicked and clear photos of the problem area(s)
  • Evaluation by liposuction surgeon: Surgeon will study the case to evaluate patients eligibility and possible scope of liposuction surgery. He may ask for more details if required.
  • Information shared by surgeon with patient: After initial evaluation, surgeon will share following information with the patient:
  • Detailed information about the most appropriate surgical method as per patients eligibility
  • Duration of the surgery
  • Event details like time and place of surgery
  • List of surgeons & anesthetists involved
  • Number of sittings required for the complete process
  • Consent form for surgery (to be filled and sent back to surgeon in case the patient wants to get the surgery done)
  • The estimated cost of procedure and its payment plan
  • Patients Final Decision: After receiving the detailed information from surgeon, its now patients turn to decide whether he wants to go for the procedure or not. Patients should clear all their doubts before making any decision.
  • Final evaluation before liposuction surgery: If patient finds all the details acceptable and agrees to the procedure, then a single visit before surgery is advised by the surgeon to make combined decisions about the scope and extent of surgery.

Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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