He take pride in improving my appearance and is never rushed

Treatment Received:

  • Treatment for Wrinkles
I have wrinkle treatment injections to three areas of my face concentrating mainly on my forehead and around my eyes. I have an expressive face and use my eyes and forehead a lot when I communicate but over the years this has led to deep lines across the forehead and my eyebrows have dropped. Treatment for wrinkles is really beneficial as it prevents these expression lines and the area relaxes and the lines disappear. It also raises my eyebrows and widens my eyes making me appear younger and less stressed.
Dr PRASCHANT is extremely professional and measures and photographs facial expressions before and after treatment to get the best possible lift from the treatment. During his consultation and treatment he makes me feel comfortable and at ease. He understands the nerve structures of the face and I trust him completely. He take pride in improving my appearance and is never rushed. He allows time to make the treatment relaxing and personalized

Treated By: Prashant

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