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Cosmetic Gynecology

With the passage of time and events and as the body passes through events like birth and pregnancy, the external and internal structure of the vagina can be affected. This means the appearance can change and so can the response to a stimulus. The main aim of cosmetic gynaecology is to improve the physical appearance or the functions of the labia and the vagina. In some cases, the goals might be simultaneously achieved. Enjoyment of sexual activities can be improved through the results of cosmetic gynaecology. It also rejuvenates the body making the person appear younger and is aesthetically pleasing.

cosmetic gynecology

What are the different types of cosmetic gynaecology?

Let us look at the different procedures that can be performed under gynaecology.


Vaginal rejuvenation or tightening of the vagina is known as vaginoplasty. The procedure addresses loose vaginal tissue. Multiple childbirth and ageing might not only lead to the loosening of the vagina but also a decrease in the satisfaction achieved through sexual activities. The excess lining is removed in the process and the lax musculature is tightened, along with the surrounding soft tissues. The procedure is often combined with labiaplasty.


Labiaplasty is used to address the way the labia minora or the inner labia appears. The structure might be uneven or a little more prominent. This might occur since birth or at a time after birth. The lady might feel prominence under the underwear or swimwear. This might make the person feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. It might even interfere with intercourse. Labiaplasty is a procedure that can remove these problems. It would even help to reduce the size of the vaginal lips.


The hymenoplasty can be performed to repair the damage done to the tissues. The procedure might even be performed to restore the appearance of an intact hymen. The hymen gets torn during the first intercourse. It might also get damaged from cycling, horse riding or inserting tampons. An intact hymen means virginity in most cultures and is considered an important criterion during marriage. Restoring the hymen surgically is a safe and simple procedure. It repairs the hymen and is based on the needs of the individual.


Pubic lift and pubic liposuction are procedures which can be performed together depending on the condition. Monsplasty is the surgery of pubic liposuction in combination with pubic lift. The procedure tightens and shapes up the 'bikini bridge', which is often prominent while wearing outfits.

Hoodectomy or clitoris unhooding

Hoodectomy is a minor surgical procedure. In this process, the tissue that covers the clitoris is  removed. In medical terms, the condition is also known as clitorial phymosis. The procedure is similar to circumcision in men.

All of the above surgical processes are day care procedures. Absorbable sutures would be applied and  the scars will be hardly visible. There might be a little bruising, swelling or discomfort after the procedures are performed. The cosmetic surgeon would generally examine the person and tell you the treatment procedure that could help you for aesthetic or functional benefits.


Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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