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Butt Enhancement

Butt enhancement is a surgical method that improves the contour and volume of your buttocks. Butt enhancement is possible through two different methods - buttock implants and fat transfer. The butt implants are silicon devices that are put inside the buttocks to increase their volume. Fat transfer is another procedure to volumize buttocks and its popularity is growing.

A buttock lift is a procedure that is designed to remove the loose hanging skin in the lower back, the love handles and the outer thighs that sags after massive weight loss. This tightening of the skin lifts the buttocks up to a more perky position.

butt augmentation

Are you a good candidate for the surgery?

When you visit our doctor, we will sit down with you and evaluate your expectations, body proportions and then design a procedure that will work best for you. The procedure that you need could be either an enhancement or a lift or a combination of the two, we will make sure you understand clearly what is needed in your case.

If you are not overweight, have a healthy lifestyle and are struggling to loose tummy and lower back fat and desire to have a perkier more volumized butt, then you are the perfect candidate for a fat transfer or Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. This procedure is extremely popular amongst young women.

If, however there is very little extra fat on your tummy or thighs which can be used for the fat transfer, then the Buttock Implant is a good option that can enhance the volume and improve the contour of your buttock.

If the buttock has deflated and sagged down due to massive weight loss then the extra sagging skin needs to be removed with a Buttock Lift procedure.

Procedure steps?

Fat Transfer or Brazilian Butt Lift is a two step operation, in the first liposuction will be used to achieve an improvement in the contour of your tummy, sides, lower back and thighs. This will achieve a flattening and improvement in the curves of these areas, while also giving us the fat that will be re-injected into the buttocks to volumise it.

Buttock Implant, involves insertion of appropriately sized silicone implants into either buttock through a hidden cut at the top of the central crease of the buttock.

Buttock lift, involves a flying bird shaped cut on the buttock and lower back and is generally combined with a tummy tuck and an outer thigh lift. The procedure is also called a 360 Lower Body Lift or a Belt Lipectomy.

How soon will the patients recover?

Recovery from an butt enhancement relates to which procedure or combination has been used. It generally takes 2 – 3 weeks before you are back to a completely normal lifestyle. Depending on the procedure needed for you, we will inform you of the postoperative care needed.


Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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