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Breast Reduction Surgery in Mumbai : Risk, Procedures, Exceptations
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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is also called reduction mammaplasty. The procedure involves removal of the excess skin, tissues and fats from the breast, giving it the perfect shape. The breast reduction surgery is required in large breasts, that are either causing physical discomfort or are unattractive. It can be used to reduce the breast size to one that is more proportionate to the body or to ease the level of discomfort. In some occasions, the surgery might be performed to improve the ability to participate in physical exercises or improve your body image.

Before considering the surgery, you would need to sit down with a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon and understand the type of surgery required, the incision that will be needed and the attendant risks and complications.

breast reduction surgery

Why is the surgery performed?

You are a good candidate for breast reduction if your large breasts are causing the following

  • Restricted activities
  • Skin irritation or chronic rash under the breasts
  • Pain in the nerves
  • A chronic neck, back and shoulder pain that might require medications
  • Difficulty to fit into the clothing and the bras
  • The poor self-image which is often related to large breasts

Is there any age limit for the surgery?

The breast reduction surgery can be performed at any age after puberty if the breast enlargement is causing a problem.

However, the surgery has to be modified to suit each patient. The nature of the has to be modified according to the age of the patient, the size and descent of the breast.

Factors like Childbirth or ongoing Weight loss can affect the results of the surgery and it is recommended that definitive breast reduction should be done after finishing with pregnancy and breast feeding and also after achieving a final stable weight loss.

Are there any risks involving the surgery?

As with all cosmetic surgery, Breast Reduction is a very safe surgery but rarely can be associated with complications like:

  • loss or reduction of sensation at the nipples and the skin around the nipples
  • temporary bruising
  • inability or difficulty to breastfeed
  • scarring
  • a difference in the symmetry, shape and size of the altered breasts, which might require further surgeries

During your consultation, your doctor will give you a detailed idea of all the benefits, risks and complications that you need to understand.

What can you expect during the procedure?

The surgical technique could either include liposuction to remove the excess fat if the primary cause of enlargement is fat or surgery through incisions, if the enlargement is due to an increase in both the gland and fat.

If the enlargement is both fatty and glandular a lollipop or anchor scar might be needed to reduce the weight, and sag and to move the reduced breast into a more perky position.

What can you expect after the surgery?

The breasts might feel sensitive and tender for about a week. They might even be swollen and bruised. The surgeon could recommend a compression bra to protect them.

Physical activities need to restricted for about 3 weeks, giving the breasts enough time to heal. Underwire bras might be suggested after 1 month.

As long as you maintain a steady weight and a healthy lifestyle, you will get a very rewarding and long standing result of your breast reduction.


Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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