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Breast Implant Surgery in Mumbai | Procedure & Complications of Implant Mastopexy
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Breast Enlargements & Lift

Combining a breast implant with a lift is an extremely powerful way of converting a sagging, deflated breast into a beautiful perky breast. In addition to the lift this procedure (also called Implant Mastopexy) can increase the cup size, which is not possible with just a lift or mastopexy. The implants provide a gravity-defying structure and shape that will ensure long term results.

breast enlargements

Who are the candidates for breast enlargements and lifts?

Women who lack fullness in the upper pole or top portion of the breasts or have sagging empty breasts can be good candidates breast enhancement and mastopexy. Implant mastopexy is also a good approach to treating the tuberous breast deformity. Tuberous breast deformities feature, breast droop or ptosis, breast base constriction and herniation of the breast tissues through the areola. This makes the nipple look larger.

Aging causes the skin and the supporting structures of the breast to weaken and cause a natural sagging of the breast and nipple. Genetics, weight loss or gain, stretch marks and pregnancy can intensify the sagging.

Most women desire the full and perky shape of their breasts they had in their teenage years. The breast implants are enough to improve the size of the breasts.
Implant Mastopexy therefore adds on to the result of the lift procedure by reducing the scar size and also increasing the lift and cup size.

Procedure of Implant Mastopexy?

The combined procedure is done through a scar design similar to that of Breast Lift or Mastopexy. The breast implant is placed in a submammary or dual plane pocket and after that the skin envelope and breast tissue is shaped such that the breast regains its youthful shape.

There are 3 types of incision that are the most common:

  • a circular incision that is made around the areola, generally performed in cases of tuberous breast deformity, this is also called a donut implant mastopexy
  • a lollipop-shaped incision around the areola which continues vertically to the breast crease
  • a anchor shaped incision, that has a horizontal breast crease scar in addition to the lollipop scar.

The type of incision/scar is dependent on the shape and size of the breast and the amount of lift required and the skin excess present.

What are the complications associated with the procedure?

While we detail all the possible risks and complications of Implant Mastopexy in our consent form, the complications are generally rare and minimal in the breast enlargements and lifts. The patients enjoy a quick recovery time and can return to normal activities within a week or two. The swellings and bruising also go away within this period. The results are immediate and permanent.

We understand that the decision to undergo surgery of this nature is quite personal. We recommend that you discuss your concerns with a Board-Certified Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon. You should also ask your doctor about your expectations and get them to show you the results obtained with previous patients.


Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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