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Belt Lipectomy

Remove the Ugly Sagging skin after Weight loss with Belt Lipectomy:

A belt lipectomy is a process of removing loose hanging skin and fat surrounding the waistline or belt line. It is a type of body contouring surgery in which the surgeon makes a cut around the lower belly to remove the extra fat. The surgery flattens your stomach and improves the overall body contour. The circumferential method of skin removal loosens the skin above the buttocks and gives a lift to the buttocks.

Who needs a belt lipectomy?

A belt lipectomy is helpful for people who have sagging skin in different parts of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.
When people gain a lot of weight their skin starts stretching slowly. After the weight loss, new pockets of extra skin folds may form. The extra skin is not only ugly but also causes discomfort, itches, rashes and, hygiene problems. People who lost immense weight can opt for belt lipectomy if they have extra sagging skin.

What steps should I take before the surgery?

Before the surgery, it is necessary to check whether you are a suitable candidate for the surgery:

  • First, ask your doctor if the surgery is right for you. Because if you have any health complications it’s better to avoid lipectomy.
  • You need to follow a healthy lifestyle before the surgery. You need to exercise regularly and include good nutritious food in your diet.
  • People who smoke need to quit weeks before the surgery as it increases the risk of complications. Most of the doctors do not support the surgery if you do not quit smoking.
  • If you take any medications, tell your surgeon about this. He/she may suggest you whether to take or stop the medicines before the surgery. Also, inform your doctor about any recent health issues such as fever, headache.

What are the procedures of the surgery?

The procedures of the surgery are as follows:

  • The anesthetist carefully checks your blood pressure and heart rate. Provides general anesthesia. In some cases, spinal anesthesia is an option
  • Antibiotics are given before and after the surgery to prevent infection
  • The surgery takes around three to five hours
  • The surgeon makes a cut around your front lower belly and in the lower back, removes excess skin and tissues
  • After the removal of extra skin and fat, the doctor places your skin back to the position. The incision is stitched and tubes are placed under the skin to collect the fluid

Recovery after the surgery

After the surgery, you need to stay at the hospital overnight so that your doctor can observe your condition. If you feel pain, you can take the pain relievers. Restrict your movement at least for a few days and do not expose your wounds to the light. Follow the instructions given by the doctor.


Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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