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Back Fat Removal Surgery Mumbai | Female Back Liposuction
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Back fat removal in females

Fat accumulation around back is the most common problematic area in the females that causes very prominent bulging from the bra strap. This happens when an individuals weight continues to increase, and fat starts accumulating in back leading to formation of parallel rolls of fat.

Back liposuction is the procedure that is able to remove unwanted fatty tissue from the back to give a sleek contour to the body. This is a tailored procedure that give enormous visible improvement very soon after the procedure.

Back can be divided into following areas for liposuction:

females back fat removal

  • Infra scapular area of the back located just below the bra strap
  • Posterior axillary area behind the axilla
  • Posterior waist area where the back meets the buttocks
  • Lumbo-sacral fat pads are small deposits of fatty tissue on the lower back
  • Buffalo hump is localized fatty tissue on the mid-upper back

Who is the right candidate for Back Liposuction?

The procedure is best suited for those individuals who could not lose significant amount of weight by any means. This is because significant weight loss leads to shrinking of fat cells and leaves behind a disproportionate amount of fibrous tissue. This make liposuction a challenge.

Women who are genetically predisposed for fat accumulation around back can also get good results after back liposuction.


Micro Cannula Tumescent Liposuction (Microlipo) is the technique that sculpts back and is performed under local anesthesia. The procedure starts with mapping out areas that need liposuction for removal of excessive fat. Following areas are marked for liposuction to identify tiny or large pockets of unwanted fat:

  • Around the upper arms
  • Underneath the arms
  • Around the upper back (especially where the bra strap sits)

After marking the target area, diluted local anesthesia is injected into the fatty tissue, and then fat is gently removed using micro cannulas of 3mm diameter.

Microliposuction is the minimally invasive body-sculpting procedure that lasts between two to three hours. In fact, it allows patient to return to her day to day activities almost immediately after the procedure.

In addition to micro cannula liposuction, VASER advanced technology can also be used to remove excessive fat from back. The choice of technique majorly depends upon the target area and amount of fat to be removed.


As multiple areas of upper back are targeted at a time, microliposuction reduces overhangs and provide a slim-line back to women. The problem areas are delicately shaped to a sculpted and fatless back.

By targeting multiple areas of the upper body at a time, the patient’s ‘problem areas’ are delicately shaped, reducing overhang and providing women with a more slim-line upper body shape.


Authored by Dr. Prashant Murugkar

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